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Auto Diplomat’s lease specials stand out for their transparency and value. Each luxury vehicle comes with a pre-negotiated lease that includes clear, upfront terms, ensuring clients face no hidden fees. These specials, featuring top-tier models from prestigious brands, are selected for their exceptional quality and favorable financial terms. Clients appreciate the straightforward pricing and cost-effective deals, enjoying the luxury of premium vehicles without the worry of unexpected extra charges. This approach underscores Auto Diplomat’s commitment to honest, client-focused service in the luxury car leasing sector. All vehicles are brand new and located at local brand dealerships. Leases and paperwork are done directly with the dealerships. Auto Diplomat is simply a luxury auto concierge that connects you with dealerships and pre-negotiates leases for you.

New Vehicles Found

/Month + Tax*
$3,000 Drive Off
/Month + Tax*
$5,000 Drive Off
/Month + Tax*
$5,000 Drive Off
/Month + Tax*
$5,000 Drive Off
/Month + Tax*
$5,000 Drive Off

Frequently Asked Qustions

At Auto Diplomat, we source lease specials from local dealerships and showcase them on our website. All vehicles are dealership-owned, and leases are directly arranged with the respective brand’s dealer. Our role at Auto Diplomat is to scout for deals, negotiate terms in advance, facilitate connections with dealerships, and assist you in securing the car of your dreams.

With a decade of experience in the automotive industry, Auto Diplomat boasts strong connections across major automotive brands. Leveraging our extensive industry experience and substantial sales volume, we tap into personal relationships to secure the most competitive pricing for our clients.

Yes, all lease agreements and vehicle purchases are conducted directly through brand dealerships. Auto Diplomat specializes in sourcing and pre-negotiating lease deals, acting as the bridge between buyers and dealerships.

Absolutely. At Auto Diplomat, we offer fully flexible lease terms tailored to your preferences, ensuring the best possible fit for our clients. Our dedicated team works to accommodate your specific requirements.

You have the option to lease, finance, or purchase any vehicle listed on our platform. While we primarily feature lease specials to cater to the preferences of our clientele, we accommodate various purchasing preferences.

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